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Softway We ensure the integration throughout the company. We deploy the solution that provides the reliable and timely information in order to your company to be succeeded.

In a market characterized by globalization, competition and consolidation, we have a unique position to help companies innovate and remain competitive.

We count with a foreign trade expert team as well as hundreds of well succeeded deliveries in the whole field.

Meet the demand of the companies to perform and manage the activities and information enrolled in the import & export process, so that we can streamline and optimize their processes by attending our customers better, the Thomson Reuters came up with a whole range of software solutions to run, control and manage of several foreign trade segments: Import, Export & Exchange, besides the control and manage of special customs regimes proposed by the federal Revenue such as Drawback, RECOF, Linha Azul, REPETRO, DE, DAF, DCR/DCI, Pexpam, Customs Warehouses and Industrial Enclosures Bonded (DAC, REDEX, IN 241, among others).

Together, Average Tecnologia and TR Softway can help you to:

  • Reinvent your business model and realign your organization and resources
  • Use the technology to reach new markets
  • Decrease the costs and manage the processes steps
  • Get higher profits with existing business

Founded in 1996, Softway is a leader in Latin America in providing solutions on software to foreign trade, and counts now with more than 300 employees between System Analysts, Computing Engineers and Consultants, forming a joint and totally engaged group with their customers by offering them quality, agility and security solutions.

Softway solutions are bound in a native way and have already been installed and adapted in several companies, interfacing with the most different ERPs: SAP, ORACLE, JDE, IFS, BaaN and other systems. They are placed in Brazil and other countries in Latin America, facilitating and agility the intercompany commercial trades.

Import Sys

Allows the operationalization of the importing process from purchase order until the arrival of the goods to the warehouse, causing the company or the service provider has in its database, a detailed history of events for each import process . Therefore it can perform for each step, the lead time management, the follow up of importation, acting in the most critical points of the process, and centralizing the information required today at tax audits.

Broker Sys

As part of the Import Sys solution, and Broker Sys controls all stages of Customs Clearance for common and special schemes. With it, you can automate the entire process of filling and registration of DIs/DSIs/LIs/PLIs/LSIs, including generating electronic incoming receipts.

Câmbio Sys

It allows monitoring and management of import/export exchange operations. The system makes the work of the company's foreign exchange department a lot easier, allowing full control of the closing of the exchange processes, management of financing processes and payable/receivable bills.

Export Sys

Allows the operation, the automation of tasks and management of export processes. Among its features stand out the legal documents generator (Invoice, Packing List, Certificates of Origin, etc.), simulator and control of export expenses, tracking trace, control of special processes, complete integration with Siscomex and configurable reports, including decision cubes, allowing the vertical integration of information needed for possible tax audits.

Drawback Sys

The Drawback Sys exercises control over the goods imported and/or domestically procured goods and exported products/sales equivalent through the Drawback Regime. It enables operational control and management of the system in its different variations: Integrated exemption, Integrated suspension Export and Intermediate and the Blue module, represented by the Suspension Vessel, including those required by consenting agencies, centralization and timing of the information necessary for follow-up internal and legal audits minimizing risks in the operation. It allows more time for execution and planning the use of the system.

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