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The most complete fiscal and tax software, integrated with main market ERPs and focusing on large companies needs.

We act as consultants in planning and fiscal strategy, and help companies develop fiscal management processes and more efficient and conscientious tax.

We apply our knowledge to the processes of strategic management in organizations, contributing to the creation of transformative actions, unique methodologies, security and integrity of information, risk management and compliance and corporate governance, according to the best market practices.

Thomson Reuters believes that technology is a key ally in the development of organizations for assisting in the expansion of productive potential and strategic insight about all relevant processes to business success. Therefore, the different lines of products Mastersaf focus on the customer's specific needs with the best experts and market practices of each segment. Meet the solutions:


Most complete fiscal and tax software, integrated with the main market ERPs. Focusing on large business needs, enables the generation of reports and files for better decision-making in local, state and federal levels. Main modules: Fiscal and Accounting SPED, EFD - Contributions, DIPJ, DIRF and others.


Manages tax liabilities completely. Gather the tax and accounting information in a single database, simplifying the compliance with the regulations at the municipal, state and federal levels. Besides, it is able to generate management reports.


It provides ease in issuing and receiving electronic tax documents. among others. Integration and easy implementation are market differentiators, and option to operate in SaaS.

MASTERSAF Taxanalyzer

Analysis and pre-audit tax files, enabling businesses and taxpayers to act proactively in accordance with the tax laws, facing the countless obligations required by tax authorities. Ensures greater agility in diagnosis and audit processes and reducing the risks of assessment and fine.

MASTERSAF Taxdecision

Support decision-making for management and strategic levels of the company. It gives the executive the analysis of indicators for monitoring performance of fiscal and tax areas.


Software for the generation of electronic files, messaging and prior consistency of data for transmissionas well as a dense and full content about pension and labor legislation, providing this way, a high value for companies to be in compliance with the new requirements of eSocial .


The Tax Bookkeeping seeks greater traceability in accordance with accounting information, that requires a review of criteria and concepts in its accounting and tax procedures, due to the need for convergence of the information to be transferred to the Fisco.


Online and high performance solution that helps you manage your department and direct tax and compliance processes. It covers projects and document management, improving operational control efficiently.


It enables companies to consolidate their overall tax policy in a central location. It is fully integrated with all your financial applications, allows the passage of data from a transaction from the financial system to the tax mechanism and calculates them in real time.

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