About us

Through its proven implementation methodology, project management and differentiated support, Average Tecnologia has overcome the expectations of its customers.

With over 25 years of experience and over 600 clients served, the Average Technologia operates in the marketing and implementation of specific systems in the areas of foreign trade, legal management, tax solutions, productivity and collaboration platform for process management, documenst and portals.

Office external view

Our profissionalism

We employ committed professionals with certifications in marketed solutions and best business practices and projects, fluent in English and Spanish. We cherish for excellence in service and a consultative implementation respecting the segment of each client.


Service excellence

Market and deploy specialized solutions that support the processes and operations of our clients, with efficient projects and service excellence


Always looking for the best

To be recognized by customers as a company of excellence in service, quality services and features to the market innovative, collaborative and applicable solutions to the dynamism of the corporate world.


Quality comes first

The Average Technology believes that its growth must be linked to professional and personal growth of its employees and seeks to provide an environment of harmony, respect and unity.

The company values honesty and adopt firm criteria of justice in the relationship with their customers, suppliers and employees.

Our timeline

  • Foundation


    National company, consisting of Brazilian businessmen, was dedicated initially to the development of custom-made systems.

    In this way developed systems for:

    • Cargo Agents - international freight
    • Customs Brokers
    • Construction and Real Estate
    • Clubs
  • Focus: Importers and exporters


    Directs its efforts to the Foreign Trade Area with expertise in services for Importers and Exporters.
  • Partnership with TOTVS / SAP interface


    Signed strategic partnership with TOTVS, to complement the corporate solutions offered to the market.

    Commercialization of Foreign Trade solutions through franchises and Units of TOTVS, across the country, generating a significant increase in the number of clients served.

  • Scission: Trade Easy/Average


    Aiming the best practices in business management, a separation of Product and Support was made at Trade-Easy company, and maintenance of the consultancy team at company Average Tecnologia.

  • Openness to new business: Thomson Reuters


    Became channel of commercialization and deployment of Thomson Reuters solutions, offering the market solutions applied to Foreign Trade, Legal Management and Corporate Management.

    Approval as a commercialization and implementation channel of FLUIG . - productivity and collaboration platform that unifies process management, portals, documents, contents and social, with mobility